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Teacher Feature: Wendy Sheridan

From living all over the country to being one of Ottawa High School’s most beloved teachers, Wendy Sheridan is making her mark on the Ottawa community.

Sheridan began her schooling at Smith College in Massachusetts as a music major and transferred to the University of Michigan after her sophomore year and changed her major to Geology.

Most people at OHS know Sheridan as their science teacher, but what some people don’t know is that before becoming an accomplished teacher at Ottawa, she was a Petroleum Geologist for Exxon in West Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

“It was an adventure and a very different experience,” Sheridan said. “It’s just interesting work being a geologist.” While Sheridan worked, she mainly worked on oil and gas drilling rigs and helped supervise some of the operations.

After enjoying her time as a geologist, Sheridan moved to Ottawa and became a teacher here at OHS. Thanks to her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Geology from the University of Michigan and her many years of experience in substituting, she was a great addition to the OHS science classes.

“It’s important for teachers to have a deep knowledge for their subject and a passion for their subject,” Sheridan said. “Doing other jobs and experiencing different types of people in different parts of the country just helps you mature in general. I think it’s good preparation for being a teacher.”

After 16 years of teaching, Sheridan has managed to share her passion for science with hundreds of students. “I had Mrs. Sheridan for astronomy, and she is one of the most passionate teachers I’ve ever had,” senior Natalie Rodeigher said. “She is enthusiastic every day in class and loves to share her knowledge.”

This will be Sheridan’s last year of teaching due to retirement. After retirement she plans to travel the world. She mainly wants to go to Iceland, Hawaii, France and Spain.