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Hats Off on King Field

Everyone dreads the hour-long ceremony that is held every year in Kingman gym to celebrate graduation. So why not have it outside? There’s plenty of room on the football field and plenty of seats in the bleachers. Many seniors and others would prefer the ceremony outside for something different and a less sweaty experience.

Last year, Ottawa graduate, Lindsay Wheeler tried very hard to get graduation outside. Unfortunately, the administration said no. However, in a survey that Wheeler took many students and staff were for the outside graduation. Likewise, a recent survey on Twitter came back with the results of 18% of people voting for inside while the majority of 82% wanted graduation outside.

Senior Lisa Gibbs said, “I think having graduation outside would be beautiful. The gym is so hot and stuffy, compared to outside there’s no competition in my mind.” Along with Gibbs, teacher Erin Byrd said, “I am for graduation being outside. The benefits I see from it are that the gym is very hot and being outside would provide air movement for a more enjoyable experience. Additionally, I believe more people would attend the ceremony and the pictures taken would turn out nicer.”

With many people being on board with an outside graduation we need to convince everyone to want to have it outside. We must give it one go before we completely bash the idea entirely. Of course, there are cons to the event being outside like possible bad weather. But overall, that could be easily predicated days prior so that an issue like that could be avoided. Besides, when’s the last time it rained on graduation anyway? Too long ago to remember. So, let’s beat the heat of the sweaty gym and experience a much more pleasant ceremony on King field.