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Singing Gentlemen

The apocalypse is here. There are mythical creatures running around in the woods. Also, you’ve found true love. Sound like an exciting day? You could witness all of these tropes and more in just 46 minutes during choir through the songs that you’d be singing. And while I’d encourage everyone to join, what the choir is really lacking right now is men.

There are approximately 35 men in Concert Choir, while there are 40 women, which means that the ratio of sound is off. While the men make up for it by practicing at a high volume, there used to be a time at OTHS when there were so many men in the choir programs that Freshman Choir and a choir that could be likened to the Treble Choir were mixed groups–men and women. Now, there aren’t even enough men to create an equal ration in Concert Choir alone.

But why should you join choir? What does it mean to a cool guy like you? Choir teacher Spencer Rockford explains, “In addition to showing me what I wanted to do with my life, it helped me to learn really valuable time-management skills… And it was also a nice change of pace in the day from my other academic classes–just a nice way that I could express myself in a different way during the school day.”

Choir student Mitch Atwood agrees: “The experience of it–singing with everyone just sounds amazing… But it’s not a blowoff class. I thought it was going to be, but it’s not at all.”

Another idea that Rockford and Atwood both agree upon is the social aspect of choir. Though it is a serious class, choir is one of the best places to meet new friends in–or catch up with old ones.

Opus Jazz members Noah Fabris and Josh Norson, who became friends because of their time in jazz choir, are joining choir together next year after learning how much fun choir can be in the jazz ensemble–another choir that just barely made the cut for male members. While they have previous knowledge of music from years in the school band, anyone can join choir for just about any reason. Fabris says, “I joined [jazz] choir because I started singing in my car and found it fun.”

So whether you’re looking to sing about the apocalypse, searching for a possible career, or just like singing for kicks, choir is the place for you–and new members are always welcomed with open arms.