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OHS Band: Lavender Menace

Looking for a summer jam to listen to while you cruise down the highway with your windows down and the volume up? Lavender Menace has you covered.

Freshman Cori Lindig, sophomores Erica and Jess McCain and Alayna Stumf and senior Madalyn Podman have jump-started their music careers by forming Ottawa’s newest hit band: Lavender Menace. They write, perform and record all of their own music and have recently released their first single–“Beautiful” by Jess–on YouTube.

According to Lindig, the band’s founder, there are many more songs that are already lined up to be recorded. The band members say that they write mostly about personal experiences, but while this is the general consensus for the group, it seems that no two songs are alike.

Lindig explains, “Our songs are about topics that are uncomfortable or weird to talk about, ranging [from] politics to self esteem.[Genres range from] hard rock to acoustic to ukulele.”

And while they have a diverse song selection, Lavender Menace will have a diverse sound as well. What makes this band most unique is that there is no set “lead.” The members chose their positions based on their talents, but they may switch these positions if they think a song would call for a different singer or instrumentalist.

If you think that a band like this sounds like your type of aux. cord vibe, then you can check them out on their instagram lavendermenaceofficial. There, you can find the band’s logo, pictures of the members and a link to their recent YouTube release “Beautiful.”