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New Edition to OTHS Fami “Le”

There’s a familiar face missing on the 800 floor this year. Dan Le, former math teacher, has accepted a position in administration this year.

Le has taken up the new position of instructional coach. He will be coaching teachers on how to improve instruction in the classroom and providing them assistance in finding resources to help enrich their teaching. He also will help teachers build on things that they do well already. Le says, “I am looking forward to helping teachers as best as I can.” So despite not being in the classroom, Le will still have a hand in students’ education.

Even though he enjoys his colleagues, Le said he will miss having daily interaction with students. Junior and former student of Le’s Noah Gould said, “It’s sad that he’s not teaching anymore because he was one of my favorites and he was amazing at what he did. Though I’m happy that I am still able to see him walk these halls.” Though he is not teaching, Le will still have interaction with the student body with his involvement in doChange and Superfans. Le hopes to maintain his role in both of these activities and says, “I may have to get some help from other teachers with Superfans if I can’t be at a meeting but I plan to try and keep a hand in everything.” Unfortunately, due to new hours and scheduling he had to give up his position coaching  girls’ basketball.

Along with being considered an administrator, some of the perks of Le’s new position are air conditioning, carrying a walkie talkie, and having a fireplace that is never lit in his office. If any student is looking, Le’s office is now located in Room 105.