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Heuser’s Vision

Ever wondered if there were real life superheroes walking the halls? English teacher Sarah Heuser will embark on her 56-mile ultra-marathon in Durban, South Africa June, 10 of 2018. Heuser, along with Team World Vision will run to provide clean drinking water for children in Africa. Heuser explains World Vision as, “A Christian based organization that helps vulnerable children across the world.”  Just a $50 donation provides a child with clean water for life. World Vision does not patch problems, but fixes them in lifelong solutions.  World Vision donates directly to the cause and allows anyone to view their progress.

While on a run, Heuser wondered the lives of her two children, Gia and Hunter, would be like had they been born somewhere less fortunate. Heuser decided to experience it for herself, “As a part of my fundraising efforts, this summer my children and I completed a mock water hike (1 mile a day). A family generally walks 3.6 miles one way to fetch water that isn’t sanitary or clean.  The children and I attempted a mile per day for seven days to understand the hardships

the children and woman experience.  I was kind to my children though, I didn’t ask my six  year old, Hunter, to carry the forty pound jug as the children in Africa do, and we only walked a mile.  I wore my three year old on my back, so I was walking a mile daily with 75 pounds in tow.” Stopped by many walk-up donors, the mock water hike was a success.

Heuser’s goal is to sponsor 56 children, each one being represented by a mile.  Students can help by searching Sarah Heuser at www.teamworldvision.org, and any cross country member is welcome to join on a run. Heuser’s message is “Remember in the future not to take anything for granted, and don’t be wasteful with water.”