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Female Athlete of the Month: Megan Bessett

“You will never influence the world by being just like it.” This quote from blogger Danielle Zeigler was taken to heart by freshman Megan Bessett when she decided to be the only girl on the golf team. “I love being the only girl on the team,” Bessett said. “I hope to encourage other girls to come out for the team next year.”

Bessett had been playing golf for six years before joining the high school team this year. Her biggest inspiration was watching her dad play when she was younger. “I always admired my dad when he golfed, and I still do, so I asked him if he would let me try golfing, and he was so excited to let me,” Bessett said.

Coach Ryan Gunderson speaks very highly of Bessett and her hard work this season. “Megan is a completely different person since the start of the golf season. She has put in so much time in focusing on the little details of golf,” Gunderson said. “From her swing to just her personality, she seems more comfortable, and it is really starting to show.”

Freshman Blaine Koppen notes Bessett’s good attitude on and off the course: “She’s funny and really energetic. She also knows how to make practice fun.”

Bessett is not currently involved in any other sports or activities as she wants to put all her focus in school to be able to pursue her career in golf. “Golf is one of my passions; I plan to golf until I can’t walk anymore,” Bessett said.