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November Artist of the Month: Brenton Berger

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Every artist was first an amateur.” Though junior Brenton Berger is an amateur, there is no hiding that he has incredible art skills.

Berger has been making art for the majority of his life, but he realized that he really enjoyed the subject last year in Kevin Olesen’s Art II class. The art classes Berger has been enrolled in during high school have him interested in a career in graphic design.

Every artist has a favorite medium, and Berger’s is watercolor; his favorite project that he has ever done is a watercolor caricature. “I like water color because it’s pretty forgiving of mistakes and it is easy to make high quality art,” Berger said.

He extracts inspiration from many different places, but his biggest influencer is art that he sees on Instagram. Specifically, Berger enjoys the art of Dani Diez, Jor Ros and Ketnipz. He enjoys these artists because he feels their art is much different than what others create. Instagram allows him to view many different mediums and styles of art so he can apply what he sees to the variation of projects he is assigned in art classes.

Berger is currently enrolled in Paula Carroll’s Art III class. “Brenton is a very talented and very particular,” Carroll said. He plans to take AP 2D Studio Art next year to be able to continue practicing art and to prepare himself for a career in the field.