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November Male Athlete of the Month: Drew Klatt

When senior Drew Klatt hears the phrase, “run for fun and personal bests” it’s more than just a silly phrase for him: it’s a lifestyle.

Klatt has been running cross country since 7th grade, making him an expert in the sport. “Drew’s progress is a great example of what a distance runner should look like,” coach Doug Hearn said. “He’s been consistent over time, had patience in set-backs and been motivated with goals.”

Klatt’s hard work and dedication to cross country have paid off in the past four years as he has dropped over six minutes for a three-mile race. He also recently earned a third place medal at the Regional meet with a time of 16:58.4. “Working up to that third place spot was surreal,” Klatt said. “It was crazy to think that I’ve come so far over the past four years, and to come out with a third place finish felt absolutely amazing.”

Klatt has also shown great leadership on the team the past two years. “Drew has been a great role model this season because he’s an inspiration for me to get faster,” freshman Zach Vogel said.

Klatt does not stop at a three-mile race, though. Klatt also participates in track and field in the spring, where he runs the two-mile, one-mile and the 800. He is also a member of band, choir, National Honor Society, doChange and volunteers at Dayton Bluffs Preserve.

Once Klatt’s high school running career comes to an end, he plans to continue running in college. He is in contact with a few coaches already, but his top schools are North Central College and Ripon College.

As his last seasons come to an end, Klatt hopes to finish with one last personal record and qualify for the state championship.