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Let’s Talk About the Turkey in the Room

Dessert comes before dinner if the choice were up to the students, and Culinary Arts class, of OHS. In a recent twitter poll determining the public’s favorite thanksgiving food, 13 out of 42 twitter users chose pumpkin pie to come out on top over turkey, stuffing and yes, potatoes.

During the days leading up to Nov 23, do not be surprised if you are walking through the 100 floor and smell all the scents of Thanksgiving coming from room 103 where Culinary Arts teacher, Marissa Maloney is teaching her class how to prepare a Thanksgiving feast. “The most stressful part,” Maloney said, “is getting here (the school) early enough to get the turkey in the oven so it is done on time.”

Preparing the meal is not as easy as it is to enjoy it. It only takes one little mistake to ruin an entire dish. Maloney described a time last year when a group forgot to dry apples to put in their snicker apple salad so the mixture had a lot of excess water: “It made it look disgusting.” Maloney deserves a lot of credit for guiding the students so a majority of the feast turns out delicious.

The students in Culinary Arts, including senior Conor O’Fallon, are learning how to make all the foods voted on in the twitter poll. Although O’Fallon is in a one-man cooking group, he claims he will get the job done because, “Mrs. Maloney is always keeping me on my toes.” O’Fallon, along with the rest of the students, will get to enjoy an early Thanksgiving feast on November 16 after all the hard work they put in.

There are so many different ways of enjoying this special holiday. Make sure you gather friends and family, make or buy a pumpkin pie and have a great Thanksgiving.