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November Female Athlete of the Month: Maddie Lowery

“Three cheers old high for you,” senior Maddie Lowery flies high for the cheerleading squad. Lowery got her start cheerleading nine years ago. Attending countless cheer camps when she was young Lowery set her goals to becoming a Pirate cheerleader.

Lowery has been a member of the squad since her freshman year. Over the past four years Lowery has created many memories with her squad. Out of every game she has participated in senior night stands out as Lowery’s favorite. “Pregame was the most bittersweet,” Lowery said. “It was the last time walking out on the field and doing the school song in front of student section.”

The cheer team has a tradition of an upperclassmen and underclassmen becoming “sisters.” Sisters get each other gifts from time to time and encourage each other all season. Freshmen Cambri Horner was Lowerys “little sister.” “From watching her cheer she has made me want to be like her and become more peppy” Horner said. Horner says that she will miss watching Lowery go up in stunts the most when she graduates.

Two of Lowery’s years were coached by cheer coach Jessica Kuhn. “Maddie is a great cheerleader because she represents the “whole” cheerleader.  Not only is she talented when it comes to cheer skills, she has a great personality!” Kuhn said. “She exemplifies what the cheerleader should look like during performance.  It is easy to find her during a performance because she has a big smile on her face and is fun to watch!”