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What’s YMAC?

As one may have heard over the announcements the past few weeks, there’s a new club at OHS: Youth Making a Change. Or better known as YMAC, pronounced like “why-mac.” The club is a branch of the Illinois Valley Anti-Drug Coalition’s Operation Snowflake. A movement that helps fifth through eighth graders live healthy drug and alcohol-free lifestyles. YMAC is also a branch of Operation Snowball which is the high school version of Operation Snowflake.

It all started a few summers ago at a leadership camp called Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute (CGTI). Teens from Ottawa attended this camp and came up with this club to form their own Snowball. Finally, after many hours of work this club has become a reality.

Advisor Erin Byrd said, “I was approached by Liza Buhr and Megan Saar over the summer about the possibility of taking on this role. I don’t know a lot about the Snowball Program, but I’m willing to learn and their ideas about student activities sounded worthwhile to me.”

Additionally, sophomore club member Kylie Swartz said, “In January of 2017 at the CGTI Mid-Year Conference, Elle Goetz—OHS Alum—had thought of the name YMAC. Once

there was a name everyone’s motivation was amplified. This past year more people became involved and we really pushed; finally, reaching the goal.”

YMAC is a club that is trying to promote positivity throughout the halls of OHS. YMAC kicked off their first activity by creating posters for “Positive Monday’s” and hanging them up around the school. The club’s mission statement is “Our club promotes a positive ad healthy lifestyle and focuses on creating a better school environment while being the best version of ourselves.”

Freshman Marta Johnson said, “I think YMAC can help bring a more positive and fun atmosphere to the school. It’s important since school doesn’t always include happiness, so YMAC can help change that for students.”

So, if you’re in need of some positivity, or just want to have some fun, come join YMAC as they begin to grow into a new club. YMAC is a club open to all OHS students who would like to join. The club plans to meet Thursday’s during homeroom. You can also join the Remind by texting 81010 and sending @ymaco as the message.