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A New Kind of Thanksgiving: Friendsgiving

You love Thanksgiving, food and your friends; combine all three and plan the perfect Friendsgiving. Senior Amy Lenhausen takes on the challenge of planning this year’s Friendsgiving. After great success with last years event Lenhausen decided it was worth the planning to host it yet again. “The best memory was setting it up and getting it all ready” Lenhausen said. Friendsgiving experts gave their advice on how to ensure your Friendsgiving is the best.

The first step in throwing a Friendsgiving is picking the right friends to invite. Avoid anyone who only takes one plate of food. Those people ruin all the fun. Senior Kyra Straith suggests three to four large plates in order to “win” at Friendsgiving.

Next step is to divide and conquer. Lenhausen says to communicate with your guests and split up the food that everyone is bringing. “Make sure someone brings apple pie” Senior Jack Miller said “Pumpkin pie is overrated and does not belong at the table. ”

Next, pick the perfect outfit, Friendsgiving is an Instagram worthy event. Freshmen Cambri Horner says a flannel or sweater paired with jeans and boots is the best way to start your outfit. To accessorize Horner suggests a vest and lots of bracelets. On the other hand Khaki pants, a plaid button down shirt, with Vans or Sperrys is a easy outfit any guy can throw together for Friendsgiving.

The most important step is to be mindful of what you tell your parents. Never tell your mom that you prefer Friendsgiving over her Thanksgiving, or else you may not find a spot at the table this holiday.