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Beyond OHS

The transition from high school to college is a major jump, and often we may feel like we’re not prepared or ready to go out and challenge ourselves. Year after year, students that have that same fear leave OTHS. We have to say goodbye to our senior friends and watch them take a major stride towards their dreams. As current OTHS students, we get to watch from the sidelines, being reassured by Pirate graduates who are proving our biggest fears wrong and achieving all that they had once prepared for at Ottawa Township High School.

One of the Pirate Press’s own writers, Lexi Farihon, who graduated in 2017, is currently studying at the University of Iowa as a Public Health major and has plans to go to medical school after graduating. Farihon was involved in as many activities and leadership opportunities that she could be at OTHS and she believes that being involved so much really helped her out at the collegiate level. “College is a huge change from high school, but I think being involved in anything that promotes working with people and leadership really helps,” Farihon said. “For me that was sports, dochange, and the “Pirate Press” because being able to lead and get along with other people really helps you make new friends in a completely new situation.”

Carrying over that determination from high school, Farihon is getting involved in college-life activities as well. So far, she is involved in a service group called HEAL, the University of Iowa Dance Marathon, where students dance for 24 hours to raise money for children’s cancer, and Medicus, a pre-med society.

Another 2017 OTHS graduate, Riley Buhr, is showing his skills by studying at the Milwaukee School of Engineering and majoring in Mechanical Engineering. While at school, Buhr has found many ways to get involved, including rowing, ultimate frisbee and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Agreeing with Farhion, Buhr feels that getting involved is the best way to prepare for college. He also said that OTHS teachers do a great job of preparing students for college, as long as they work hard in class as well. According to Buhr, one of the things to look forward to in college is more free time. “This (free time) doesn’t always result in getting work done more efficiently though,” he said. “There’s so much more extra stuff going on, and how you manage your time is 100 percent up to you.”

OTHS has produced many amazing scholars with astonishing talents. By getting involved, focusing on school and managing your time, you have the potential to be one too. Congratulations to Farhion and Buhr for all of their accomplishments and good luck to them in the future.