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National Drum Month

As the basketball season nears, the familiar sound of the super fans singing “Crimson and White” fills Kingman Gym accompanied by the school band backed by the beat of the drummers, like senior Josh Norsen, during national drum month.

Since the quint drum players are crucial for keeping the beat together, it is surprising that Norsen just started playing quint drums last year. When the two previous quint drum players graduated, Norsen stepped up to brave the new instrument. “It’s something different, and I’m always important because percussion is in charge of keeping the rhythm,” Norsen said. “It is nice to be needed.” A quint drum set has five drums attached and is of one of the main beats the fans hear during a halftime performance.

In a summary, national drum month is all about getting involved and making your own music. Anyone, including you, can receive a free set of drumsticks from the Percussion Marketing Council just by visiting their website, www.playdrums.com, and printing out a form to give to a music store, like Music and More right here in Ottawa.

Before national drum month began, Norsen reflected on his last march on King Field: “It was heartbreaking.” He will always remember standing on the field and seeing the lights and the fans for the last time thinking, “That was it.”

Next basketball game you go to, listen and cheer loudly with the band and remember that having an amazing school band with skilled drummers is another thing to be thankful for in the spirit of November.