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The Artists Behind it All

Every good news story needs a headline, and so do amazing student sections.

Three years ago, the Superfan club decided to form a group of members to make posters to be placed on the bleachers under the football student section area. Each poster is affiliated with the theme that the students will be sporting that evening. This year seniors Grace Reinhardt and Brooke Pentecost and junior Mia Reinhardt are the masters behind the masterpieces.

The girls meet on Thursdays and Fridays after school to work on the posters. They make the posters that complement the theme for that week’s game, and they brainstorm and map out their ideas before putting them on the large banner. Each banner has a unique slogan that the girls make up. They each pitch ideas after learning what the theme will be and decide on a saying that fits best.

After mapping out their ideas, they get to work on painting the sign. The signs are quite big and usually run the entire length of where the students stand to observe the games. Because

of their size, making each poster takes lots of careful planning. “The art committee has worked really hard each week to produce a banner that is creative and visually appealing. The banners  definitely add another element of school spirit to the student section,” Superfan adviser Dan Le said.

Many of the members of the committee have several years of art experience under their belt. “I’m in AP art right now so I have taken all the levels of art and photography,” Pentecost said. Grace Reinhardt is also in AP art and has many years of experience.

If you are a member of the Superfan club and enjoy art, the poster-making committee may be the place for you.