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The Kids Are Back in Town

If you see little kids in the hallway, do not be alarmed. The Vocational Child Care Program is starting soon, and the students could not be more excited.

The VCC Program is designed to prepare students for employment in the areas of early childhood and elementary education. The course teaches students how to work with young children in creating and teaching lessons plans and teaching them to the kids. Students also work on practicing effective guidance, evaluating, and relating them to the child’s actions which was studied in class. This is also a dual credit class in which student can receive three hours of college credit after completing specific requirements. The teacher of the class, Chase Riva encourages all students interested in working with young children to join. ” For right now the only prerequisite is that a student must have taken child development before or during the time they take VCC. There will soon be an application students need to fill out to apply for the class,” said Riva.

This class is not always note taking and studying in class. Once the children arrive on Friday, Nov. 3, the teacher and students of the VCC class will begin the celebration of holidays. “We try our best to cover special days in the classroom with children. We celebrate the

children’s birthdays and the holidays,” Riva said. It is a fun day for the children but, they learn the importance of these special days and why we celebrate them.

All the young teachers in the class are overwhelmed but most importantly, excited to start the school year with the children. Senior Maddie Lowery, who is part of the VCC class said, “I am most excited for the Christmas party, everyone enjoys the holiday and we can teach them all about it.” Senior Audrey Chamberlain is most excited for the children’s arrival. Chamberlain stated, “I am so excited for them to arrive. The entire class has worked hard to prepare. I am most anxious about the way the children will attract to us as teachers, and also remembering all the teaching techniques.”

As the big day arrives, Ms.Riva and her VCC class prepares. If you are interested in working with young children in the future, this is the class for you.