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Give Me S’more

Let’s bake the world a better place. The “Pirate Press” is giving you some tasty treats and easy baking hacks.

Since the summer days are over, you have to get that campfire s’more excitement somewhere, do it this winter in a cup. All you need are these simple ingredients: one full-size graham cracker sheet, half of a chocolate bar, and 15 miniature marshmallows. Now it is time to put it all together. First, break all graham cracker and chocolate into pieces and microwave on high for 15 seconds. Next, add the marshmallows, and microwave a second time for ten seconds. Now, enjoy.

Baking can be hard and frustrating, but adding these simple hacks to your recipe will make things go smoother. Burning cookies is the worst. Save them by taking a box grater and scrape off the bottoms. You can now enjoy your delicious cookies without the burnt taste. Making things healthier but keeping the excitement of good food is hard. “I love making good food but finding a healthier option for some ingredients can be frustrating,” sophomore Elle Wilkinson said. For a healthier option replace butter with avocado, it has the same great taste just a bit healthier. Try it with your cookies or cakes. Trying to bake something but the egg shell keeps getting in the batter? There is an easy fix, just wet your finger and the egg shell should stick right to it.

Now you can try these hacks at home. “I love being able to cook and fixing my disasters with easy hacks,” senior Audrey Chamberlain said, “It makes me seem like I know what I am doing without having to go through the struggle of learning.”