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Male Athlete of the Month: Isaac Jung

Senior Isaac Jung has been bowling for as long as he can remember. His mother used to take him to the alley with her when she would have her own bowling league events. “It’s [the bowling alley] like a second home,” Jung said. This childhood provided Jung with a long career in bowling.

Due to growing up around a bowling alley, it is no surprise that Jung decided to play when he was old enough to join a league. Jung has bowled for all four years of his high school career. Prior to high school he bowled in a league on Saturday mornings.

Many sports practices are filled with noise. Coaches directing, athletes speaking and the sounds of the activity fill the air. This is not the case with bowling practices. “They’re fun but mostly serious. It’s a game that involves a lot of focus,” Jung said.

Jung is co-captains with senior Josh Norsen. Jung and Norsen work with the underclassmen bowlers in the same way that coach Andrews does. The two watch them bowl and offer tips if they are having any issues. “Isaac is a great person and great bowler. He always has a positive attitude and is always helping out others,” freshman Ty Trovero said. Jung’s favorite part of bowling is, “the sound the pins make when you connect with the pocket and get a strike.”

Jung has no plans to continue bowling after high school, but if something were to come he would take the opportunity. At school Jung is also involved in football and track. The best game Jung has ever rolled is a 298.