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Ottawa Alumni

The light at the end of the tunnel was very bright for the class of 2017. Kassidy Alderman and Jonnie Kleckner are both finding great success in their current endeavors.

Graduate Kassidy Alderman is getting right to the “pointe” at Oklahoma City University. Aldermen is a dance major in the Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Entertainment at OCU. Recently, Oklahoma City University ranked as the number one dance school in the United States. “To keep up this reputation the dance department is extremely strict,” Alderman said.“It’s been tough to adjust to the rigor of the program, but I am enjoying every minute of it.”

Another 2017 Graduate, Jonnie Kleckner, laced up his boots and went straight to Fort Leonard Wood for boot camp.  Kleckner admits that upon arrival he questioned if he would make it through the upcoming 20 weeks. “After the first couple weeks we got used to army life,” Kleckner said. “We went through a gas chamber, repelled off of towers, shot and qualified with our M-4 assault rifle, did a 16K ruck march and slept in the woods for about five days.” Kleckner’s favorite aspect of military training was wearing the police gear and responding to calls on the last three days. Currently, Kleckner is in the process of working with Homeland Security as a Border Patrol Agent.

Both Alderman and Kleckner credit OHS with their success. “OHS taught me to accept and appreciate people’s differences because everyone is talented in their own way,” Alderman said. “No one is better than anyone else, so be kind to everyone.” Similarly, Kleckner thanks the teachers for dedicating their time to everyone’s education. “I learned that out here in the big world it’s the small things learned in class that help you out,” Kleckner said. Congratulations, Alderman and Kleckner, keep up the great work.