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Passionate Prodigy

Every student at OHS has their own road they will take after high school, talented sophomore Carley Baudino is already starting to pave her road to lead straight to Nashville, TN where she is making a name for herself in the music industry. Baudino writes her own songs, starting when she was just 12 years old, mainly about breakups, love, and family drama; her favorite being “More Than I Do”. You can jam out to Baudino’s songs by finding them on her instagram: carleybaudinomusic.

Baudino’s love for music sprouted when she was three years old while watching Annie, inspiring her to get up on stage for the first time that same year. “I would sing around my room with a plastic microphone and act like I was famous” Baudino said. Unlike most third grade students, the artist started getting gigs and playing guitar in front of live audiences. She generously gives back by often playing her music for local charity benefits, like Cancer research benefits, and fundraisers.

It did not take long for Baudino to find her love for Nashville, TN when she started traveling there with her family to perform every other month. “It feels like home [Nashville],” Baudino said with a smile, “everyone there is so supportive and are all chasing the same dream.”

With great talent comes great opportunities, Baudino also was able to meet musicians on Broadway. She said, “They [the musicians] are all so sweet and always let me on stage to play their guitar.”

With all of her great ambition, do not be surprised if you see Baudino in a future Broadway show or her songs in a record store because the young artist is on the right road to just that.