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Crazy for Crossfit

For many student athletes, when the weather drops, so does training for their upcoming sport season. This is not the case for hard-working senior Tanner Geiger and other student athletes who continue to thrive over the winter at CrossFit.

According to crossfit.com, “CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.” Geiger, who can say she truly understands the “high intensity” part of CrossFit, started working out at CrossFit 350 in the fall of 2016 because “It was a new sport, and I needed something to get active.”

Inspired by famous crossfitter Sara Sigmundsdottir and blasting music while working out, Geiger powers through challenging workouts like thrusters and burpees and her favorite, squats. All this training paid off when Geiger entered her first CrossFit competition, the Festivus games in Geneseo consisting of four “exciting and busy” workouts in one day. Geiger was three points away from placing third in the competition. She is training now to compete for the open for the CrossFit games, a competition between thousands of the toughest athletes with the same motivations all around the country.

Fortunately, you don’t always have to travel outside of the OHS doors to get a taste of CrossFit, the Pirate Poms are also training hard for their competition season lead by math teacher Glenn Weatherford. They train together one day a week but add along additional workouts throughout the week.

Geiger’s goal of making it to the CrossFit games is just in reach considering she trains twice a day six days a week. For anyone interested in joining Geiger in CrossFit can take classes for a monthly fee of $70 right here in Ottawa. Visit http://crossfit350.com/classes/ for more information on joining. No matter the motivation for joining CrossFit, Geiger encourages, “to try it and keep an open mind and just keep moving throughout the workout.”