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Moved to the Marines

The commitment to join the Marines is the commitment to a lifetime of duty and honor. This year, two brave and inspiring OTHS students have decided to dedicate themselves to this lifetime commitment of serving our country as U.S. Marines.

Seniors Lauren Summers and Jared Cuchiara recently swore in to officially become members of the United States Marines. The two have already started attending Physical Training (PT) and are very excited to get started learning and improving their skills.

Aug. 1st was a major step in Cuchiara’s journey, as he was officially sworn in to become a U.S. Marine. Cuchiara has been training at PT to help prepare him for what he will, eventually, face at boot camp. “Some days it’s (PT) easy and laid back but other times it’s grueling and unforgiving,” Cuchiara said. Being most excited about getting to take this huge step of officially being in the Marines that he has been waiting for for years, he is not looking forward to moving away to a different country where he might be unwanted. Curchiara begins his long-awaited journey on June 9 2018, with the goal in mind of someday becoming a drill instructor or a Marine Raider.

Not too long after Cuchiara, on Sept. 27, Summers made a major step in her decision by officially getting sworn into the Marines as well. Summers grew up around this lifestyle, hearing her dad talk about the experiences that he had while in the Marines, which ultimately helped drive her final decision to join. Her main goal is to eventually be able to be a guide in bootcamp, but the training at PT is where Summers finds the excitement right now. “The most exciting thing for me would be getting through all of the challenges during boot camp and even afterwards when I go into my job,” Summers said. “I decided on this branch specifically when I started going to PT and realized what a great bond everyone makes there.”

Good luck to Summers and Cuchiara as they work towards their goals and help serve our country.