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The Beauty Behind it All

Bringing their talent to the chair, the current junior class will be the first to take classes with the Educators of Beauty beginning fall of 2018.

Those taking courses from the Educators of Beauty will arrive at 7 a.m. each day and be bused to LaSalle-Peru where they will spend their first and second hour. The course will save students $3,000 and a $500 scholarship to continue their education at beauty school. Educators of Beauty requires students to complete 1,500 hours to obtain their license. Taking the course through school will set the future beauticians 300 hours ahead.

Junior Kerrigan Hagi is excited to get her scissors clipping at beauty school. “We will be learning color, foils, waxing, cuts, nails, makeup, etc,” Hagi said. “I’m excited to learn the basics and to see if this will be my thing.” Hagi is unsure if she will pursue a career in beauty after high school but is looking to use the course to help her find her path and get a few beauty tips and tricks along the way.

Similarly, junior Taite Billings cannot wait to experience the Educators of Beauty program. “I’m excited to get to see what beauty school is actually like and to meet new people since we are not the only school to go,” Billings said. Billings, on the other hand, is using Educators of Beauty to get her ready for her post high school plans. Following in her mother’s footsteps Billings will have a seat at Ambrosis salon where she plans to work as a hairstylist.

Anyone interested in the Educators of Beauty program should see Mrs. Rios in the counseling office. The course costs $195 and covers the fees for products and practice heads.