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Artist of the Month: Kaitlin Falaney

This January’s artist of the month enjoys creating on a different canvas. Junior Kaitlin Falaney uses paint brushes by day and makeup brushes by night to create unique, colorful and gorgeous makeup looks.

Starting young, Falaney was one of the first girls in her class to start using makeup after being inspired by YouTube videos, her favorite being Nikkietutorials, when she was in fifth grade. “Sometimes I’ll walk upstairs with crazy stuff on my face and my parents will go ‘a little red don’t you think?’” Falaney said laughing. “And I’ll reply ‘it’s just for fun’.”

Falaney uses her favorite brand, Too Faced Cosmetics, to incorporate what she has learned through videos and puts her own twist on the look. For school, she keeps it basic and sets her face with foundation and uses mascara. “I don’t want to use my expensive makeup here” Falaney said.

Throughout high school, Falaney has done many girl’s makeup for dances and could see herself doing something with makeup in her future. Junior Valentina Recalde said “Kaitlin always makes doing makeup fun and she keeps you entertained for the time it takes.” It takes about an hour to complete a full face with all of her Sephora makeup including false eyelashes.

Art can be found everywhere a person looks, Falaney is just one of the talented artists who happened to find her own way of expressing her art.