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“Black Mirror” Review

The long awaited fourth season of the hit show “Black Mirror” was released on Netflix

last month and people couldn’t stop talking about it on social media. Even though the first season has been available on Netflix since 2016, it didn’t become popular until this past year.

For those who haven’t heard, “Black Mirror” encases stand-alone dramas about modern society, and the negative potential of advanced technology.

“Black mirror refers to a black phone screen and also a divination tool… used to get

glimpses into the future, sort of like a crystal ball. The show uses technology as a vision of the future,” senior Sydney Johnson said.

Although each episode is entirely different from the rest, they each portray a similar

message of how technology controls our lives.

“Technology is a very valuable asset, but we shouldn’t let it consume us,” senior Lexia Tyrell said.

Almost all of the episodes are dark and satirical, and are definitely not for the faint of heart. There is a reality to the show, however, and it seems to caution people to be careful how they act and whom they trust.

“Technology is advancing extremely fast, so it’s really only a matter of time before we start advancing to that point,” senior Drew Klatt said.

Klatt has been watching “Black Mirror” since his sophomore year and “White

Christmas,” the Christmas special from season two, is his favorite episode. It features three

flashbacks from two men talking in an isolated outpost on Christmas Eve, with an unexpected twist to conclude the episode.

“I really liked how it introduced so many different and equally wild topics, and managed to tie them all together at the end,” Klatt said.

Even though the episodes don’t relate to each other and don’t need to be watched in order, there are some episodes that fans suggest to watch first.

“I’d say the first ones a new person should watch is ‘San Junipero’ and ‘Nosedive,’” senior Michael Buck said.

These episodes are both from season three and give a good idea what the series is about, without being too heavy and stressful. Many viewers recommend watching “Black Museum,” the last episode in season four, last.

In 2017, “Black Mirror” won  two Prime Time Emmy Awards for “outstanding television

movie” and “outstanding writing for a limited series.” Don’t overlook it’s ratings from Rotten Tomatoes either: a whopping 96%. Considering this high rating, and the popularity, it’d definitely be worth watching at least one episode.