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Fashion Forward

Looking back on 2017, we saw 90s inspired vintage outfits including graphic tees, vintage jeans, Adidas shoes, and big sweaters. These trends are expected to stay through 2018, but another decade is being added to the mix: the 80s.

Of course, not all of the 80s trends are coming back, but there will definitely be lots of glitter, pastels, mixed prints and plastic clothing. From grunge, to preppy, to sophisticated, there’s such a variety of fashion styles to choose from.

“A lot of ripped jeans are coming back … with the ripped backs,” freshman Paisley Nixon said.

This year’s fashion is about expression and going out of your comfort zone, just like in the 80s and 90s (cue the “Finesse” remix music video by Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B). Things like textures, colors, and prints are easy to experiment with and help people find their personal styles.

“I don’t feel like I need someone who is ‘up there’ who thousands of people look up to [for inspiration]. I look up to me,” freshman Kaycie Scranton said.

It’s important for teenagers to inspire themselves, and fashion is meant to boost confidence. Scranton has clearly found this confidence that many people search for.

“I believe she does her makeup the way she does to prove that she isn’t brought down by how life is treating her, that you can still find happiness in friends and art,” junior Nolan Perry, Scranton’s boyfriend, said about her.

Fashion isn’t all about clothes, though: makeup has its own trends this year, including lots of highlight, metallic shades, and black eyeliner.

“We’re all doing what we like and how we feel we should look … what we feel suites us … within our makeup and our clothing choices,” Scranton said.

Although with each year new trends come and go, there’s one that should always stay: being comfortable and confident with the style you choose.