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February Female Athlete of the Month: Angelique Cowan

To junior Angelique Cowan basketball is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle.

Cowan fell in love with the sport in first grade when she began playing and has been competing since then. Her love for the sport has extended beyond school competitions. She has played for an Ameture Athletic Union (AAU) team out of Kankakee since eighth grade. This team allows Cowan to further refine her basketball skills and stay in shape for the school season. “I like being able to travel to different states and playing at a high level in front of college coaches with people I consider to be like family,” Cowan said.

Though Cowan loves playing AAU, she also holds the school basketball program close to her heart. “The best thing about school basketball is being able to play with my best friends,” Cowan said. “I love playing with her,” senior Teegan Guerrero said. “We’ve made a lot of chemistry on the floor, and I have a lot of confidence whenever she has the ball.” Guerrero and

Cowan have been playing together occasionally since middle school but the two have been on the court alongside each other permanently the past two years.

She has also made a splash in the Lady Pirates basketball program. From playing on varsity since her sophomore year, Cowan has won several awards during her career thus far. Cowan has been awarded NIB 12 West Player of the Year, All-Conference First Team and WCMY All-Area MVP. “Angelique is a leader both on and off the floor. It is a pleasure coaching her. Seeing her ability progress year after year is a fun thing to watch. She is definitely a huge part of us being successful,” head coach Brent Moore said.

Cowan plans to further her basketball career into college. Her goal is to play for a Division 1 school.