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February Teacher Feature: Erin Byrd

Teachers impact students in positive ways and for English teacher Erin Byrd, she’s no exception. Byrd teaches in room 911, which is also where the yearbook staff works. Byrd’s positivity spreads to her students and causes a good learning environment for all students.

Being Byrd’s sixth year teaching at Ottawa and third year as yearbook adviser, her growing positivity flourishes. Byrd plays a game with her English B class that helps learn the names of the warriors in Greek Mythology. When reading scripts in class, Byrd encourages all students to get into character to better understand the skit. Byrd has a system where she enjoys to have Friday as a “free day” after the long week. Usually, using that time to listen to music and play games.

Besides teaching, Byrd enjoys spending time with her family and friends. “My girls are involved in dance, so I do a lot of taxiing” Byrd said.

Byrd loves to read and encourages her students to read books they enjoy and to learn something from it. “Mrs. Byrd always takes her time to make class fun for her students, honestly she’s the only reason I’m passing English 4,” Senior Shawn Willson said.

She also enjoys listening to music and often plays positive music during class. Other activities Byrd loves are to cooking and hiking.

“Creating the yearbook is one of the parts of my job I am passionate about. I could work with students on their pages and brainstorm indifferently,” Byrd said. And it shows in the hard work that is given to us at the end of the school year.

Another subject she loves to teach is literature because there’s so much students don’t know, and once we admit that, it can be fun to learn.


Anyone who knows Byrd, knows she loves to laugh with her students. “They are all special, unique individuals. I love watching them challenge themselves and succeed,” Byrd said.