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Mental Health is Essential

Luke Richardson once said, “We need to change the culture of this topic and make it okay to speak about mental health and suicide.” In society today, more and more people struggle with suicidal thoughts. Unfortunately, no one likes to talk about suicide and the serious damage it leaves on the people, both those who take their lives and those they leave behind. In the recent television series “13 Reasons Why,” the show explores suicide in a completely new way than ever before. The show conveys suicide in a way that shows the true pain people go through when they decide to take their own lives. Suicide needs to be talked about among everyone, but especially teens.

To begin, I know several people throughout my high school career who have thought about suicide or attempted it. After the show “13 Reasons Why” came out, no one really talked about the show. No one addressed the obvious problem. Every year, 34,000 people commit suicide (Melnick). This number proves that suicide should concern more people. Watching “13 Reasons Why” and learning suicide statistics showed me that suicide discussions should take place.

Furthermore, studies among teens show that the third leading cause of death is suicide, proving people should be talking about it (11 Facts). This cause of death ranks too high on the list of causes of death for such young people. People should feel comfortable talking about suicide with others because it could help save people. Information helps people, but people do not have enough courage to stand up and allow conversations of this serious matter to occur.

All in all, no one should ever feel the need to take their own life, and suicide must be discussed more openly so that those who need it can get the help they need. Talking openly about suicide in a more accepting manner, would save so many precious lives.