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Ready for a New Beginning: College Commitments

As we enter the final months of the school year, many seniors are tired of being asked about their future plans. However, many seniors have figured out the next step in their education. Seniors Angelica Briones and Kain Schott, are two of many that have already officially committed to a college to continue their education next year.

Angelica Briones has decided to go to the University of Illinois Chicago where she plans to study Occupational Therapy. Briones mentioned she chose UIC because it is close to many family members, the Occupational Therapy program is very strong and she is excited to immerse herself in the culture that UIC so strongly encompasses.

While at UIC Briones would like to get involved in a variety of activities just like she was at OHS. Some of these thing include: Chemistry Club, also known as Alchemy Society, Health Occupation Students of America, Asian American Students in Alliance, Culture Shock, and Filipinos in Alliance.

Briones said, “At UIC, there are so many opportunities that we aren’t used to seeing at OHS. I find it so strange that now we’re bound to find something to enjoy, but it’s also nice knowing that.” Briones is looking forward to the next adventure that waits for her at UIC but she said, “I’m scared, especially going from a small town like Ottawa to Chicago, but there’s so much to do, so many people to meet, so much to learn, which makes the experience that much more exciting.”

Likewise, Kain Schott has committed to Bradley University. Schott is currently planning to study Mechanical Engineering.  Schott said, “Bradley was near home. I already have friends who go to Bradley or will be going there. They offered me a great scholarship, and overall it felt

like Bradley was the best fit for my personality.” He also added that Bradley will have a new engineering building built by his sophomore year.

While at Bradley, Schott said, “I’m looking forward to making new friends and learning new and exciting things within my field of study. Also, he is planning to join a soccer team, a club Ultimate Frisbee team and join a robotics club.

Overall, many seniors are getting excited for the new beginnings they are soon to encounter. Although making the college decision may have been a hard process for some, when the choice is made, only a new adventure awaits.