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Taking AP Art to Heart

Anyone can doodle on a notebook, but what happens when someone transforms that idea. For senior Addie McCorkle, being in AP Art, takes some serious dedication, and that motivation, is all thanks to her future plans and passion for the arts.

Many students are enrolled in art, but only few stay in all 4 years because of the extreme dedication.   “My favorite piece I’ve done is the gesture drawings of vases and a painting I did sophomore year” McCorkle said. A gesture drawing is setting up the image of what you are about to draw and what it will look like with the action, form, and the pose. Although it’s McCorkle’s favorite work to do, she doesn’t see that type of art being in her portfolio anytime soon. Artists such as McCorkle can see themselves turning this class into a future career, with valuable knowledge on art.

AP Art can seem difficult, especially when lower classmen look at the older paintings and artworks juniors and seniors do. The difference between the art students first make and what they make later on is that the students will be guided more on strictly what to do. “AP art is like free reign, I choose the size of the paper,” McCorkle stated.

Art has been something that’s been with McCorkle ever since childhood. “I really love Disney movies. One day I was watching the movie, Brother Bear, and in one scene I noticed the lighting in it looked so real,” McCorkle said.

She watches the detail in the style of art animators use to bring the story to life.“I want to know how they did it,” McCorkle said.

College will be a part of McCorkle’s future but the perfect college may not be right next door. Since McCorkle’s future college is in Texas, she plans on moving there with her family. “After high school, I will be moving to Texas with my family and work for a year or so,” McCorkle said. California is also seen in the future for McCorkle, however, the rent might be too much to handle.

Her decision is stuck between two schools, Collin County Community College, which is located in McKinney, Texas or Hardin Simmons College, which is in Abilene, Texas.