A Project for Better Journalism chapter

The Pirate Press Staff: 2019-2020


Madison Vath

Senior Madison Vath has always loved reading and writing, so journalism is a lot of fun for her. Outside of school, she works at Goodwill part-time and listens to music. Right now, the band The 1975 is what she’s listening and dancing to. Her favorite movies are the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, and her favorite genres of books are fantasy, historical fiction and non-fiction. She hopes to write good articles that are interesting and informative to the reader, and she is very excited about her year with the “Pirate Press.”


Pamela Billings

Senior Pamela Billings is a chaotic good mess of cheesy inspirational stories, bad humor and old pastimes. She enjoys many different types of music (right now she’s a bit obsessed with “Un Poco Mas” by VAV), and though she may look mean, she really just wants lots of hugs. She’s very motherly towards the ones she loves. Her dream is to become an author. She really badly wants to own a kitty (maybe more?).


Rhianna Brown

Partaking in her third year of Journalism, senior Rhianna Brown brings all of her creative experiences to the plate for the “Pirate Press.” Transferring to Ottawa her junior year, Rhianna engages in her own hobbies of the school’s Poetry Club, photography, reading and listening to different styles of music throughout the day. She strives to grow by obtaining new knowledge each year and struggles in the harsh conditions as a high school student.


Alicia Graham

Senior Alicia Graham is also a member of the Pirate Poms, Rotary club, doChange, student council, Ottawa Township High School Honor Society and a dance teacher at Gray’s School of Dance. A fun fact about Graham is that she danced in the New Year’s Day parade in Rome, Italy and is a two time Pirates Invade the Ballroom Grand Champion.


Peyton Madden

Senior Peyton Madden has a bad case of senioritis as she is truly ready to graduate already. She works a part-time job at Farm n’ Fleet, and she’d say it’s honestly been pretty good time so far. She has been a cheerleader for the past four years. She also enjoys some good memes and tik toks, and she deeply loves food, but she says she’s a pretty picky eater. She’s a really nice and funny person once you get to know her, but she may come across as mean to some.


Sammy Straith

Senior Sammy Straith is an editor of the yearbook, member of the Ottawa Honor Society, Superfan Club member, president of her venture crew and concert choir member.   Sammy likes long walks on the beach and romantic picnics underneath the stars.  


Saffron Walter

Senior Saffron Walter has participated in various activities at Ottawa, including Scholastic Bowl, Speech Team, Drama Club and Choir. She is currently in Treble Choir and is in the fall play. She is also president of the Pirates For Life Club at Ottawa and is hoping to enter into an arts school next year in the fall.


Ariel Schultz

Senior Ariel Schultz is involved in Rotary, Student Council, student trainers and works at The Cliffs Off Road Park. In her spare time, she likes to make up jokes, blare her music, take pictures of friends and random objects and procrastinate everything she should be doing. Her bubbly personality and writing style make for one heck of a ride.


Alexandria Merkerson

Senior Alexandria Merkerson balances school alongside a full-time job at Walmart. Merkerson also enjoys sleeping everywhere that it’s allowed, hanging with friends, and saying “Aye, Aye, Ayeee!” Her hardworking and straight-forward attitude shows that she will get the facts on whatever she’s looking into. 


Regan O'Fallon

Regan O’Fallon is the editor of the “Pirate Press.” This is her second year in journalism, but her focus will be editing the paper this year. She is involved in tennis, basketball, NHS, Student Council, Rotary, Fine Arts Club, Key Club, Superfans, PIB, DoChange and Yearbook. She is also a student columnist for “The Times.”