Red & White Night

Kaitlyn Wilson

The lights are beaming down on you. There are only nine seconds left on the clock. Normally the pressure would be on, but it’s Red and White Night. All the fall sports are gathered for some friendly competition.

Ottawa’s fall sports teams have been practicing hard and were ready to show us what they are made of at Red and White Night on Friday, August 17. It’s that exciting time of the year right before all the real action starts.

Right in the center of the action were the scrimmages between the football teams. The boys played hard and showed the crowd that they are ready for this season.

Chad Gross, new head football coach, said “The past few years I have been the offensive coordinator. Becoming the Head Coach has brought on more responsibilities dealing with organizing everything throughout the entire program. As someone who played football at Ottawa High School, it is very exciting to have this opportunity to lead the football program.” Gross hopes to return the program to the playoffs by pushing the team every day to work hard and improve on the field.

Defensive end and offensive tackle for the varsity football team, Dustin Gerkitz, said “I have been playing football since I was ten. I like that the team works together to do a job and have fun doing it. When we work hard and get the plays right, things go smoothly.”

Some other teams that we had the chance to spectate were the volleyball team in Kingman Gym and the Soccer Team on the Soccer Field. The freshman football team scrimmaged the junior varsity football team, and the varsity team switched roles and scrimmaged each other.

Also introduced was this year’s golf team, cross country runners, student trainers, jv cheerleaders, girls swimming, varsity cheerleading, and poms.

Megan Orsini, tennis player, said “I have been playing tennis for six years and I enjoy how relaxing it is and how I always have something to be working on. Challenging matches are something that I enjoy most, and I was excited to medal at the Nite Light Invite.”

Things are looking good for Ottawa’s sports program this year, and these students and coaches are working hard. They are all excited to see where things take them.