New Teachers 2018

Kaitlyn Wilson

They woke up in fear because it was their first day of high school.  On the way to school they pondered about who would be in their classes and wondered about who they would sit with at lunch.  Then they all gave a sigh of relief, remembering that they would be teaching the classes, not taking them.

Many students these days are tech-savvy.  Just like these students, new CAD and Intro to Tech teacher, Janelle Nordtvedt, is all about technology.  “I took CAD when I went to Ottawa and loved it.” Nordtvedt said “I hope to make all CAD students certified in the program, and I hope to make Intro to Tech fun and hands on for my students.”

There are many ways to stay active, especially during the school year with the different kinds of sports that our high school offers.  Jason Conforti, new Physical Education teacher, said “I chose a career teaching Physical Education because I have always enjoyed being active or playing some sort of sport and hope to share that passion with the students.”  Conforti graduated from Ottawa in 1996 and is honored to be a Pirate once again.

Similarly, new P.E. teacher Levi Ericson said, “Sports and activities have always been a priority in my life, so I entered the physical education field to pass on the importance of an active lifestyle to students.”  Ericson wants to impact as many students’ lives as possible and push them toward a more active lifestyle. “The ultimate goal is to have students live a healthy, active lifestyle for the remainder of their lives.”

If you are a fan of math, you might want to get to know Megan Crutchett, new math teacher.  “When I was in eighth grade my school had an algebra program. Students were accepted in alphabetical order and due to so many students qualifying, I did not make it in.   This pushed me to work harder and become even better at math,” she explained. “I hope to help my students learn to like math, and I want to make it entertaining for them.”

We all know how stressful starting at a new school can be.  Julie Brown, new English teacher, hoped that she would not be overwhelmed but says that everyone she has met so far has been helpful.  She hopes to continue building new relationships and wants to be an active part in our school. Brown said “I took a British literature class in college that I loved, and it made me realize that I wanted to help students develop a respect for literature and a love of reading. Effective communication is important in our society today, so it is exciting to help students cultivate those skills that will help them be successful in their lives after high school.”

These teachers are excited for the school year and can’t wait to become an active part in your high school journey.