Sept. Artist of the Month- Kaitlin Falaney

Ryan Bessett

“To me art is getting to sit down during the day to draw something and it just makes me happy.” Senior Kaitlin Falaney said about what art means to her. Falaney started drawing the summer after her eighth grade year. “I just kept drawing and getting advice from my teachers and I just got better and better at it.” Falaney said.

Falaney said Paula Carroll, art teacher, kept pushing her to do better., “Everything around me. Life itself. Anything and everything can affect it,” Falaney said. Falaney is very proud of her art and how far she has come since she first started drawing. Falaney said that she mostly uses ballpoint pens for her art and it helps her get the art, she wants to make out on paper. “Anything I draw is deciphered by just about everything around me and life experience.” Falaney is currently taking AP 2D art this year. Not only does Falaney draw, but she also plays on the girls soccer team for the school. As for college, Falaney hasn’t decided what she is going to study. She plans on studying exercise science and sports management.