Trying New Things

James Boe

Bored of your academic classes or do you just want to try something new? It’s your lucky day, because you have a lot of clubs to choose from. Enjoy your journey and find like-minded people who find wonder in similar interests to yours.

Academic clubs such as Chess Club, Foreign language, Scholastic Bowl, and or the Technology Student Association (TSA) will provide a challenging and interesting atmosphere. If you like strategy Chess is your go to, and if you like learning new culture then the Foreign language Club it up your alley. Also, they look wonderful on a resume.

Service clubs do wonder big and small in all sorts of ways. Clubs such as Key Club, Rotary Interact, and Ottawa Honor Society provide a way for you to make a difference in your community, and others around the world.

Above all of this, remember that this is suppose to be your interests, and your choice. Don’t just do it because someone told you to, follow your heart and you’re bound to find your perfect club or clubs.