Should college athletes get paid?

Bryce Reinmann

If colleges were to pay their student athletes, would it help or ruin the sport? There’s many different factors in both scenarios whether they should or shouldn’t.

Many believe paying college athletes would ruin the joy that people have watching their teams compete and for the love of the game. Some would say that playing a college sport is a privilege. For every high school student athlete, only a few of them will go on and play or make the team. “Most elite college athletes get sport scholarships. Which isn’t that payment enough?” asked Dave Anderson, a sports analyst. Many also argue that the students are still in school learning and should be taking classes for other degrees to get the money they deserve.

Although, others believe it would help the sport because then it would become more competitive. Dave Anderson said, “The NFL pays their players based on their worth and performance, therefore however hard the player works and how good they are they will be paid by how they perform.” The sports apparel for each college would vary specifically on their players for the sale of their apparel. Right now many people watch and play college sports for the love and for all the excitement that comes with it. Changing the rules this dramatically by paying them might change how people view the game and the players and the people in charge of paying them.