Sept. Male Athlete of the Month

Bryce Reinmann

The captain, the team leader, and the very hard working player senior Jared Herzog has a passion for football.

Herzog likes the game because he gets to hit people, “get some anger out” and just play the game for fun like the way it’s supposed to be played. “Being a captain and setting high standards and good examples for my teammates drives me everyday to be the best that I can be,” Herzog said. Herzog started playing football for the Ottawa Eagles at age 6. He loves to play football and has played all throughout school, but after high school he is going to pursue baseball in college, to hopefully fulfill his dream of becoming an MLB player.

Whenever a teammate isn’t performing well during a game or practice, Herzog tries helping. He said, “ As a captain you gotta really jump on them, and you really gotta tell them straight up to just get your crap together.” Although Herzog is a captain for the varsity football team, he has had his fair share of times when he has thought of giving up, but he stuck it out and is now one of the best on the team. Each time he steps out onto the field, he wants to push himself by learning from his mistakes. For each practice and game he is always prepared and ready to become a better player and person.

He plays running back and sometimes plays at the wide receiver position. “I love playing both of these positions because they’re both super competitive.”He has great positivity about the game and how it is played, and will always try his best to become the best.