Enthusiastic About Electives

Lizzy Martinez

Everyone has a favorite elective: Autos, Foods, or Choir. In Ottawa Township High School there are many electives out there to love.

One anonymous junior even said, “There are so many to choose from that it’s a very difficult decision.” The students of OTHS what elective they like the best, most students seemed to really like the Foods classes. “Who wouldn’t love the Foods classes?” senior Teigen Williams asked. “You make food in that class most of the time and you get to eat it.”

The other students had different answers like: the art classes, Autos, Choir, Band, and more. Most of the students seemed to like electives when they’re more fun, creative, and hands on learning involved. “It’s nice to have fun with your work then to just sit in a desk and be bored all day,” Said an anonymous senior.

There was a small portion of students who really didn’t have a favorite elective at all, either because they didn’t have nice experience or that they just bored. Everyone had many answers of what their favorite was, but those four including Foods were the most popular.