Summer Snapshot

Lizzy Martinez

The students of Ottawa Township High School did a lot of things during their summer break, going to a big tour, camping, and spending time with others.

Senior Nate Cornstubble went to the last ever Warped Tour, a music event in Chicago, Illinois. “It was a very emotional time,” Cornstubble stated. “I had a real fun time there, it was totally worth waiting in that very long line.” By the sound of Cornstubble’s trip, people were really excited to see their favorite bands to perform one last time at Warped Tour. A bunch of merchandise was sold out and lots of fans saw different bands off stage too.

Another senior, Aurora Wiltfong, went down to Lake Williamson in Carlinville, Illinois to go to a five day church camp event. She played dodgeball, went swimming, did archery and learned about faith education. “Being there made me feel free from my responsibilities at home,” Wiltfong said.

The other students of OTHS went traveling to different states to see their family or be at a family reunion. Some even did their own projects like, James Bodine, fixing his his truck to make it run like new. Then there are some students who just stayed in town and relaxed most of the time. “You don’t have to just travel all the time during the summer,” Said one anonymous sophomore. Most of the students felt like Summer of 2018 was really fun time in their lives.