Cafeteria Workers Tell All

Regan O'Fallon

Everyday they arrive before school, and spend the morning preparing food for a school of almost 1,500 students. Cafeteria workers are simply underrated members of the staff, and they put in more work than some students realize.

Despite what you may think, the work that goes into making food for lunch does not start a little before the A Lunch crowd rushes in, but in fact, several hours before the three lunch periods. Around 7:30 in the morning, the workers arrive and begin food preparation right away for breakfast, according to a cafeteria worker, Marie. After that, lunch preparation begins for the day.

Like every job, there are pros and cons of working in our school’s cafeteria. One member of the staff says, “My favorite part of working down here is seeing the kids and being able to communicate with them.” Another says she loves her coworkers. On the contrary, Marie says, “It’s too rushed and there’s just not enough time sometimes. Especially during C schedule.” One of the cooks, Buffy, says, “I don’t like when the incoming food can’t be used and we have to send it back. It messes up my entire menu.”

Overall, our cafeteria staff enjoys what they do, who they get to work with, and the interaction with people almost everyday. The least we can do is be well-mannered and recognize them for the work they do for students and teachers.