Fresh New Start

Ellie Gallagher

Freshman year is one of the greatest years because there are so many firsts you get to experience. Seeing new faces of teachers and students, getting lost in the hallways, cheering in the student section, and opening a locker for the first time, are just a few of many firsts that freshman can experience.

Ella Marvel, freshman, said, “My first day at OTHS was very hot and hectic, but I got used to it by the second day.” Coming from Marquette Academy, a small school of less than 200 students, Marvel said, “the biggest challenge for me is catching my breath after walking up all the stairs to get to 900.”

Marvel isn’t the only freshman that is enjoy high school so far, freshman Gabi Krueger agrees with Marvel. Krueger also says she “enjoys high school more than grade school because she gets to make more friends and have more people to hang out with.” If the girls could change one thing about the school, it would be “to have less homework to leave more time to participate in extracurricular activities.”

Although it is a big transition from grade school  to high school, both girls are adapting well and can’t wait to have fun their freshman year.