Falling for Fashion

Ashley Nona

As the seasons change, so does the fashion here at Ottawa High. Fashion can be a big deal to some, and mean almost nothing to others. Although many people don’t keep up with trends or are late to them, everyone has an opinion on them. Here’s what a few students want to see out of other students. “I think Vans are going to stay,” junior Alaina Gallion said. “They’re always popular.” Gallion is right. When looking at all the people crowding the halls during passing periods, at least two of them are wearing Vans. However, Gallion thinks something different about a shoe that’s loved by many girls here. “I do hope the Birkenstocks hype dies down soon.” Both Gallion and senior Jacqueline Bautista want to see more stripes. “I don’t think enough people wear them,” Bautista said.“I would love to see more mom jeans as well.” When senior Jacob Schrik was asked what big fall trend he’s expecting to see in the classrooms, he said, “Guys with wispy beards and girls with their morning Dunkin coffee.” But about actual fashion trends he wants to see more of, he paused for a second before responding. “If you pull it off, wear whatever you want. Don’t let the seasons stop you.”

All in all, fashion means a different thing to everybody, so don’t let others tell you how to dress.