Preparation Differentiation

Lexi Sommer

Homecoming season has come and gone. All of the long hours of shopping, picking the right flower color and finding the perfect hairstyle to make the night the best night of your life are over. Preparing to make each dance the best is not easy and is very different between the guys and the girls. Seniors John Bruner and Cassie Claus demonstrate how different it is to get ready for Homecoming.

Claus, like most girls, got her hair, makeup and nails done the day of the dance. It took her all day to get ready but only 45 minutes to pick out her dress, which is a very short time for dress shopping.

Bruner, on the other hand, said it took him weeks to find what to wear, as you can tell by his matching belt and pink pants. By contrast, he only took about 10 minutes to get ready for the dance.

Sometimes there is a dispute about who is more picky about Homecoming. “In my opinion, John was more picky about Homecoming than I was. I know he’ll deny this, but for proof, just look at how he matched his belt to his outfit,” Claus said. Bruner denied this, saying she was more picky because “She wouldn’t let me get my tie. But I got more compliments than everyone else combined that night.”

The difference between guys and girls Homecoming prep is very different, but everyone always comes together to have a great time.