Horror Movies

Horror Movies

Ryan Bessett

What better way to celebrate Halloween than to stay home and watch horror films. There have been so many horror movies over the years, and they just keep coming. There are so many that it may be difficult to find a good one, or at least a movie that will scare your socks right off your feet. The following list is a collection of some of the best horror movies that I have picked out based on reviews and scores. (References from rottentomatoes.com)

First “Get Out” (2017), a truly immersive plot that manages to tackle a great number of things. “Get Out” has a certain atmosphere about it that is unsettling and would be perfect to watch if you’re planning on staying home Halloween night.

Next up is the silent horror film “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” (1920). Considered to be the first horror film, it remains one of the top rated horror films, with terrifying imagery and unsettling silence that would make anyone shake from fear.

The next film on this list, and one of my personal favorites, is “Jaws” (1975), the movie that gave Steven Spielberg the reputation of one Hollywood’s greatest directors. Although extremely outdated today, the film still manages to feed on people’s fear of sharks, even if the idea is absurd. The uneasiness of the camera movement and the intense score adds to the feeling of dread. “I don’t like scary movies really but I like Jaws. It’s really well done.” Junior Kylie Swartz said.

“The Witch” (2016) is a movie that is horrifying in both visuals and plot. With so many twists and turns, this movie will not only catch you off guard, but will also scare you purely with sounds and images. “The Witch” can, at times, be hard to sit through, but for those who are looking for a disturbing movie, this would be the one to watch.

And last on the list is “The Evil Dead” (1981). One of director Sam Raimi’s best films, “The Evil Dead” is not only a horror movie, it is a horror comedy. It manages to be creepy and funny at the same time, with disturbing undead monsters and other demons, it remains humourous to the end. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of movies. Although these are but a few horror movies you could watch, there are plenty more you can choose from.