Fall Festivities

Lexi Sommer

It’s spooky season and you know what that means; pumpkin patches, apple orchards and haunted houses are finally here. One of the most popular pumpkin patches, according to Senior Taite Billings, is Tanners Orchard. It is located in Speer, Illinois which is about an hour away from Ottawa. “They have everything from a spider web for kids to play on to the best apple cider in the world” Billings said. “My family and I have been going here for forever and I still look forward to go there every year.” There is also apple picking, petting zoos, pedal carts to drive, a corn maze and tractor rides. Billings said, “Tanners has so many different things to do …You will never be bored there.”

Tanners isn’t the only place to go though. To name a few other pumpkin patches, there are Boggio’s, Bengston’s, Heap’s and Kregel’s.

Although pumpkin patches are one of the most popular activities to do in the fall, haunted houses are always a fan favorite. Senior Tyler Carson says his favorite fall activity is to going to haunted houses. His favorite, Statesville, is known to be one of the scariest haunted houses in Illinois. Some people can’t even make it through the entire thing. Carson said,“They don’t just try to scare you while you’re going through the haunted house. They walk around outside while you’re in line and scare you that way. They even have real animals inside with them; it’s insane.”

The 13th Floor is another haunted house that have people quitting halfway through because it’s too scary to continue forward. There is a supposed rumor though, that every floor you make it past, you get some of your money back. I guess you’ll have to see for yourself if that rumor is true or not.

There are so many things to do during the fall season it is almost impossible to not have fun.