Costume Tips

Ashley Nona

October is known for many things, breast cancer awareness month, domestic violence awareness month, Columbus Day, but it’s most known for one holiday: Halloween. This holiday is stupid to some, important to others and just an excuse to hang out with friends for most. This year, Halloween falls on a Wednesday night, but that doesn’t stop the parties.
Now, you may be thinking, who still dresses up in high school? And to answer that, not many. But that may be because of lack of inspiration. Some ideas could be as simple as wearing red and calling yourself a devil or as complicated as spending weeks making your own. Junior Morgan Hall said she would rather do the latter. “I don’t really know what I would be, but it would be fun making my own.”
Here are a few ideas that fit in between there. As seen in the hallway during passing periods, there are many couples that like to be very close, and would probably like to be matching each other if they’re going out. Mentioned couples can dress up as Troy and Gabriella from “High School Musical,” Mike and Eleven from “Stranger Things” or even that picture of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wearing an all jean outfit. Single people have even more options. If you’re flying solo for Halloween, you could be basically anything. You could be Post Malone, James Charles when his foundation didn’t match or something as boring as a shirt that says “this is my costume.”
Either way, Halloween is always a day when people are having fun. Whether that is illegal or not, it’s only fun when safe.