Upcoming October Albums

Ashley Nona

One of the only things every human shares an interest in is music. Whether it is rap, pop or indie, music always brings an emotion with it. After a while, however, the same songs by the same artist tends to get boring. But the artists will still release the albums and will either chart or be a flop.

One artist that is widely known is Lil Yachty, who is releasing a new album called “Nuthin’ 2 Prove” on Oct. 19th. Junior Liz Simon said, “I like most of his songs. I think his new album isn’t going to be as great as his others, but I’ll still listen.” If you can’t wait anymore, the newest big boy band released a new album the first day of fall. Following the “Saturation” trilogy, BROCKHAMPTON goes for a different feel in “Iridescence,” which shows off the talent of all 13 members. After personal things, the band switched to relying on beats to relying on feeling.
Or if rap isn’t your thing, The 1975 has you covered. With a new sound described as electro-pop by Rolling Stone magazine, the band’s third album called “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships” will be coming out Nov. 30th. Simon said, “I like a few of the old songs from the self titled album, but their new music is very different from that and it’s not as good. They became kind of pretentious.”
No matter what, music will continue to come out and evolve over time. Music is forever changing and hard to keep up with, but it’s all up to you if you want to support the music you’re used to, or willing to try something new.