Strong, Independent Students

Kenzie Power

Do you have curiosity that is unsatisfied with your current classes? If OTHS students meet the right requirements, they have the ability to pick a course to study with the guidance of a teacher during their Senior year.

Taking control of your own course and course schedule is a lot of responsibility, but senior Grace Lowe, who is taking an English independent study to write a novel, said, “This responsibility helps prepare students for college and careers. The student can study what really interests them, which often helps them prepare for college more than other classes can.” The flexible schedule and free rein of course work accessible to the student are definite advantages for Music Theory, Conducting and Arranging student Bailey Banks. “With my chosen course, I get to prep for the AP Music Theory test, conduct a song for the freshman girls choir, and learn about choral arranging which all prep me for my intended career path,” Banks said.

Amongst the advantages, there are some struggles to overcome with studying primarily on your own. For European history student Julia Gromm, it’s motivation. “There isn’t anyone else I personally know to help me do this, so I have to motivate myself and get all the information by myself,”Gromm said. Others struggle with just how on-their-own things can be. “At times, when something is not directly explained to me, I do not grasp it as well.”

Overall, these three students are optimistic about the year ahead of them. “I am excited for next semester because I’ll be conducting a song of my own as well as preparing for a senior recital, which is more of a hands-on application,” Banks said. “I feel that I will learn much from the class and it will continue to be an enjoyable part of my day,” Lowe said. And Gromm said, “I feel like the rest of the year is going to be great.”